Ever Wonder?

How food gets from farm to your plate?

Ever wonder if your Sushi Fish, Chicken breast,  Steak Meat are kept in the safe and cold temp? and is it safe to eat?

According to USDA

Leaving food out too long at room temperature can cause bacteria (such as Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella Enteritidis, Escherichia coli O157:H7, and Campylobacter) to grow to dangerous levels that can cause illness. Bacteria grow most rapidly in the range of temperatures between 40 °F and 140 °F, doubling in number in as little as 20 minutes. This range of temperatures is often called the "Danger Zone."


Ever wonder Why All Refrigerators are Square shaped with sharp edges?

Ever Wonder Why Certain Insulated Drink Cups like yeti can Keep your Drink cold all day and other Cup turns your icy drink into wet mess in few minutes?

Well… you are in luck!! We had the same Question? and We created “PERAVAN” a Refrigerated Van solution for Restaurants and food Industry that is “Thinking Inside the Box”

Refrigerated van was invented many many years ago to Transport food in the safe Manner But a conventional refrigerated van is very out dated with Rising climate temps and less preservitives in foods.

You see…. the conventional van is not designed from factory with refrigeration in mind!!! there are may Air pockets and Door opening tolorences that allow the cold air to escape resulting in unsafe temperatures (bad for food) , causing the refrigeration unit to work overtime and fail time and time again still not achieving optimum cold temperatures  with opening and closing of doors.

Fact: Did you know? that you can float in your refrigerator in case of flood…… because you refrigerator was designed to be to keep cold air In and resulting in water tight qualities..?


Not your van….It will sink to the bottom…

That’s why We at Peravan Designed a BOX that has the same Attributes as a commercial Refrigerated walkins.. Which doesn’t allow the air to escape and the outside pressure to effect the inside temperature while driving on the freeway.

We have the fastest Recovery Time of under 20 minutes Between the door openings.


 If you ask Why do my vans Refrigeration unit compressor fails every few years?

Answer; Its working too hard… Improper insulation and design (Like a poorly insulated Drink Cup)…. The insulation has no standard in the conventional reefer van market its simply a spray job…

We created Peravan with the concept of a Refrigerator inside the van…. our Box is made from Proprietary Patented design with Industrial materials that Pass Insulation standard for Industrial Freezers so our Vans can hold Frozen temps in the 112 Degree heat of mohavee desert, without stressing your Compressor to a point of brink.

We build our vans in the factory located in Hot las Vegas and test it in the desert heat to ensure that it will do the job in any climate around the globe.